First Find

When you live in an area with such rich history, moments away from an old Roman Road, you might find some ancient artefacts (if you know what you’re looking for!)

Peter, our resident historian and dog walker*, is pleased to announce his first find to add to our collection of on-site finds.

Peter says:

I was walking the dog along the Roman Road and I saw a piece of pottery in the ploughed field next door to the path, that I thought looked interesting. I stopped to pick it up. This is actually the second piece I’ve found but this is the rim of a jar and quite a large piece.

Bowie, the labrador, was unavailable for comment.

Irene has some doubts about exactly how many lumps of old stuff might appear: if every walk produces 4 inches of pottery, how many walks will produce an entire piece?

We’ll be adding information about more of our historical finds, and uploading some pictures, soon!

*Cambridge Don

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