Here come the Gir-rrls

At last we have our own chickens here at Warner’s Farm and here they  are:

Chickens at Warner's Farm

Chickens at Warner’s Farm

'Artist formerly known as..' being held for a photo.

‘Artist formerly known as..’ being held for a photo.

We have Paloma …. a ginger chicken who is probably the bravest of them all,

Roxy ….. a brown chicken who seems to be the boss,

Beyonce …….. a white chicken with black necklace who is always last out of bed in the morning,

Adele … a soft grey chicken -quite shy, so maybe not well named after all!

Lola L-O-L-A Lola …. a smallish speckeldy hen who is very shy

‘Artist formerly known as….’  a larger speckeldy hen who is a bit braver. Started life as Kylie, then Doodles, then Taylor – hence the reference to Prince.

They are settling in well and getting used to greater freedom and to being handled by us

Just waiting for the eggs …………..

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