New girl band of hens:







There was a nasty incident when the fox caught Paloma – always the cheeky one, she wandered off and met her nemesis. Such a lovely friendly hen, but maybe too friendly to Mr Fox.

We learnt that you must never introduce a single chicken to a flock, so set off for 2 … and came back with 3

Now have a new line-up for our chicken girl band.

Leader of the flock is probably Beyoncé – still looking gorgeous of course, but quite bossy

Then we have Adele – who resents one of the newcomers but is gradually getting used to extra hens, then Roxy, who loves everyone.

Lola is one our biggest hens and is so friendly, she waits every morning to be picked up – and her sister T’doodles who has become broody.  My second job of the morning is collecting the eggs from underneath her- she gathers everyone’s eggs and tries her best to hatch them – has been known to have 5 under her at a time.

Our new girls are Shakira, Rita and Gaga:  I’m sure you can see there is a common thread in their naming.  Shakira sits on my feet when I go to them, so she is not ignored- you can’t move until you have given her a cuddle but poor little Gaga is terribly nervous of us still and keeps a watchful eye on us, even when we are giving out treats.

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