eco credentials

The latest Eco development at Warner’s Farm is the installation of a rain harvester.  This gathers rain that falls on roofs on the Eastern side of the property and stores it for future use. The rain Harvester is buried underground- 22 cubic metres of soil removed from a hole 8 x 8 x 10 feet deep to accomodate this monster, with just the narrow ‘bottle cap’ showing above ground – so why do it?

  • in the event of unusually heavy rainfall, this prevents flooding on site and the overflow can be piped further down the lane in deep ditches
  • rain water can be piped from the harvester to water plants, wash cars and top up the swimming pool

All in all, this is an investment in Warner’s farm being self contained- using fewer public utilities and restricting the use of chemicals wherever possible.

A by-product is the necessity to replant that part of the garden – already underway!

eco work at Warner's Farm

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