Tea Time at Warner’s Farm

Tea time at Warner’s Farm varies quite a lot.  Depending on my culinary mood, you might have a cream tea, lemon drizzle cake  (very lemmony indeed) or luscious chocolate cake – of course, it’s all zero calories because you’re having it here on an indulgent break!

This one was set out by the pool, just waiting for our visitors during a recent hot, hot, hot spell.




One thought on “Tea Time at Warner’s Farm

  1. Good afternoon,

    We checked availability for a king-superior-ensuite on line for arrival April 11, 2017 and departing April 13.
    My wife Sally and I are touring Europe and the UK with an emphasis on the 386th B26 Bomber group ‘haunts’. Several are close to you as you know. Our dilemma is, we just discovered we inadvertently booked brook farm B&B near Tenterden/Woodchurch in Kent. Yesterday, we sent Brook Farm a phone message and email, explaining our error, to them asking if we can cancel, Before we confirm with you we would like to confirm a refund from Brook Farm. If it’s OK, we will make the reservation with you tomorrow afternoon, about this same time, UK time, once we get cancellation confirmation from Brook Farm.
    We hope to meet you in two weeks from tomorrow, We leave the US March 28 for the first leg of the trip in Europe, before we come to your neck of the woods. Congratulations on your great reviews and scores,

    Ian and Sally Steyn

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