Blue Room en-suite completed

We launched straight in to updating our luxury bathrooms at Warner’s Farm.

Our wonderful plumber (Tony) and carpenter (Carl) worked hard to our very tight schedule to get the bathrooms finished!

Tony and Carl unpacking a large white bath

Tony and Carl unpacking a new bath beside the pool

We had great fun wondering how to get the double ended bath up the wiggly staircase!

Isn’t it good when a plan comes together? I had a clear picture of how it would look – but the careful tiling, positioning of lights etc really show the fancy fittings off.

A little blood, sweat and tears, and … the en-suite is modern, stylish, with a sparkly floor, stunning double ended bath and the perfect place to relax after a day sightseeing in the area.

You can see the fantastic result in the en-suite for the Blue Room:

The tub in the en-suite is huge!

Big enough for two!


Just lovely. Three cheers for Tony and Carl!

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