When booking, we ask for a deposit to confirm your intentions to visit.  This deposit is taken from your final payment.

In the event of cancellation, we will endeavour to re-book your room, in which case your deposit will be returned to you.  Your deposit is forfeit within 2 weeks of your booking, since it is unlikely we can re-book the room at such short notice.

Arrival and departure

We love to see you arrive, but not before 4pm please.   Earlier arrivals need to be agreed ahead of time with us.

Departure is by 11 am – this allows us to prepare rooms properly for the next guest.

Breakfast times

We try to be as responsive to your needs as possible and if you have an early flight- just let us know.  Otherwise, breakfast is agreed the evening before,  and served between 7:30 and 9am

Water Safety

Please be mindful that there is deep water on site- both in the swimming pool and in the pond. There is a lifebelt by the pool and a ‘catcher’ by the pool, but these should not replace your own vigilance.  For this reason, we prefer guests to be over 14 years of age (or infants not yet walking).  In some circumstances we will accept children as part of a closely monitored family group, but insist this remains the parent’s responsibility.

Fire Safety

Smoking areas outside and away from the building please, especially if there are open windows nearby.   We do not permit lighted candles on the property – electric candles are available.  This is for everyone’s safety.


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